Songs that Play the Band


   How is it that musical notes can affect the underlying consciousness of those so profoundly? How do these notes create color palettes that can be perceived so differently? Is an A note red…D note blue with hints of an orange, possibly becoming dominant every so often? These portrayals combine sonically, forming waves and vibrations where audible triads become embellishments and individualities create interweaving harmonic progressions. As quickly as these moments present themselves, they wisp away…finding away.

    Notes being instantaneously summoned energies create experiences which manifest harmonically, emotionally and physically for both the player and for the listener. Could we as a whole be influenced not only by these energies but by the direction in which a story wants to be told? These sonic stories, intimately portrayed create a journey in which we as individuals can travel in and out of one’s consciousness, almost as if in hypnotic states becoming very aware during these transcending moments in time…these moments, becoming timeless.

    Notes reflecting the present, the past and possibly maybe…what’s to become. Leading to new directions fueled by energies summoned, flowing through hearts and minds into a physicality of movement…hands and fingers blurry with passion.  Time becomes irrelevant and only the moment matters…the here and now. Welcoming moments, treasured moments shared as tones and voices sing, nearly an audible entity freeing and guiding as the song tells its story. The stories of the songs that are playing the band.


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